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Your weekly updates - polls out, Veteran's Week, and more!

Another week down in our campaign! Here are the highlights:

  1. Florida media finally catching on to poll

  2. Community events (including a surprise basketball game!)

  3. Veteran's Week Events

  4. Ballot petition reminders

  5. Campaign team updates and fundraising goals!

1. Finally! Florida media publishes our head-to-head poll with Gaetz and the Gaetz/Desantis crime family are left STUNNED!

This seemingly "long-shot" campaign just became a reality for Matt Gaetz and the fringe-GOP in this state, who assumed they'd cruise to victory next year. The poll, conducted by the conservative-leaning 'The Listener Group,' was released with cross-tabs this morning. The Listener Group holds the title of most accurate polling in northwest Florida.

A race this close in what was once thought of as a solidly-red district means the rules of the game have changed, and they don't know why. Let them scratch their heads for a while as the reality sinks in that the people of this state want to elect honest, hard-working leaders, not out-of-touch millionaires and tyrants.

Read the article in Florida Politics here.

2. Our campaign attended a lot of events since our last update, and the highlights are below!

Blue Waitman day in Milton, Florida:

Madelyn Yevon Gonzalez kicked off the annual Blue Waitman Day events in Milton last Saturday. Waitman was a pillar in the Milton black community who made sure every child was fed. A celebration is held each year in his honor - a day-long cookout usually followed by cleanup and restoration of Milton's historic black cemetery (Keyser Cemetery).

This year I was honored to not only be invited but also to speak about the importance of a community that feeds its children. As a child who often had little or nothing to eat, it meant a lot to me to see how hard the Waitman family fought to keep its community fed all these years.

Sunday we went to Keyser Cemetery to plant flags on the graves of the cemetery's veterans in honor of veterans day. Nearly half the cemetery had flags by the end of the day - a testament not only to the sacrifices made to this country, but to this community, who still honors them every single year.

The Pensacola Lightning Professional Basketball Team

Much to my surprise, I ended up meeting the owners of the Pensacola Lightning basketball team during the day, who invited me to be their Celebrity Player at next Sunday's game (Sunday, Nov. 14 at 5:00 PM). I get a one-day contract with the professional basketball team and will warm up, shoot, and even play with the team next weekend! It will be embarrassing for me, for sure, as I'm a soccer player who's short and not at all talented at basketball, but it will be fun so please bring your families! More details here.

More events!

We also made it out the Pensacola Women's Half-Marathon, where we spoke with voters about the issues that matter most to them, and cheered on the runners during the last mile of the race! I also attended the Okaloosa County Commission on Women's workshop last Friday, which was a special session about human and sex trafficking in our district and the lack of representation of women in office. Considering our current representative in congress stands accused of these very activities, it was especially damning for the status-quo in Panhandle politics.

3. Veteran's Week Events We'll be Attending!

Wednesday, November 10:

- SHERO Warrior Conference, 10:00 AM CT Details here! Location: UWF Camellia Greens, 11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA

- 2020 Campaign debrief with Phil Ehr, 1:00 PM CT Location: Escambia Democratic Party, 55 S A St, Pensacola, FL 32502, USA

Join the Escambia Democratic Party's 2020 campaign debrief with Phil Ehr, who is expected to withdraw from the 2022 primaries this week, paving the way for Rebekah's campaign to focus on eliminating Matt Gaetz in next year's election! Join us to thank Phil Ehr for his two runs for congress during Veteran's Week so we can give him a sendoff worthy of his efforts in the last two campaign cycles!

- Women Veteran's Monument and Museum Grand Opening, 5:00-8:00 PM CT Details here. Location: 980 E Heinberg Street, Pensacola, FL 32502

Thursday, November 11:

- Pensacola Veteran's Parade, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT

The Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council will host the annual Veterans Day parade at 10 a.m. Thursday in downtown Pensacola. The route starts at Spring Street and proceeds on Main Street to Bayfront Parkway before ending at Veterans Memorial Park in Pensacola. The grandstand and main viewing position will be at Bartram Park, 211 Bayfront Parkway. The grand marshal is Robbie Gregg, and Newton Knight will be honored and presented the prestigious E. Bud Day Award, which is presented to a veteran who serves other veterans in the community. Details here.

Downtown Pensacola (Spring Street --> Main Street --> Bayfront Parkway --> Veteran's Memorial Park)

-Okaloosa's unveiling of the Women Veterans Memorial, 2:00 PM CT

On November 11, 2021, Okaloosa County will celebrate the unveiling of the Women Veterans Monuments, honoring women who have served and made significant contributions in the U.S. Military throughout history. The monuments will be placed along the walking trail of the 17.5-acre Veterans' Park at 1300 Miracle Strip Parkway on Okaloosa Island. Details here.

Location: 1300 Miracle Strip parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Parking available at Convention Center

Saturday, November 13:

- The All Services Military Ball, 7:00 PM CT

My husband and I will be attending the All Services Military Ball in honor of the veterans who have served across all of our country's military branches. Details here.

Location: De Luna Winery, 116 E. Gonzales Street, Pensacola, FL 32501

4. Another reminder to help us collect ballot petitions!

ANY registered voter in the state of Florida - all counties and any party - can fill out and send us a ballot petition to get my name printed on the ballot, saving us more than $10,000 in filing fees.

Click here to download and print a ballot petition. Please ask your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to sign, too, and mail to us at:

Rebekah Jones Campaign

PO BOX 1259

Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

Please note: The state does not accept digitally signed petitions, and does not provide a means for people to submit petitions online. You must print, complete, sign, date and return the petitions to us for processing. As long as you are an active registered voter in the state of Florida, you can complete a ballot petition for us! You do NOT have to live in my district and do NOT have to be a registered Democrat!

Recent changes in voting laws may have resulted in your status being moved to "inactive" or your registration being purged entirely. Please check your voter registration status online here and update your address and other information if necessary.

5. Campaign team updates and fundraising goals!

We recently hired a bipartisan campaign team with decades of experience getting folks elected in Florida. Our campaign approach has always been to be the candidate for everyone. Not just the party, not just one side - but everyone.

We need to meet our fundraising goal to keep this team operating at full speed. Please contribute and encourage your networks to contribute so we can ensure a victory! We're in striking distance - so let's strike and make it count!

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