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Your weekly updates: Nov. 8-15, 2021

An Impromptu Dedication, and Veteran's Week in Florida

Photos from a few of this week's Veterans events, including the Ribbon Cutting for the Destin-Ft. Walton Beach Women's Memorial at Veterans Park, the grand opening of the Monument to Women Veteran's site and museum, and the all-services ball. More photos from these events, and photos from other events not shown, will be added to our website later this week!

Become a campaign volunteer or county ambassador!


We are in need of volunteers to join us at events, get ballot petitions signed, help register voters, make calls, fundraise, and go door-to-door! Please complete our volunteer information form if you are interested!

County ambassadors:

Want to help show the world how much Florida is ready for new leadership? Become a county ambassador and pledge to gather between 20-100 ballot petitions for Rebekah! The goal is to gather 100 petitions from EVERY county in the state.

Any registered voter in the state of Florida can sign a ballot petition for Rebekah - it doesn't matter which county or party they're registered with!

Counties where we need ambassadors the MOST (although ALL are welcome!):




Santa Rosa


Those who collect 20 or more petitions in their county get a FREE t-shirt or button set, whichever you prefer!

Petitions with instructions can be downloaded here. Blank petitions for copies can be downloaded here if you don't need the instructions for more than one page. If you do not have access to a printer, we can mail you a packet of blank petitions with a return envelope!

Email us at to receive a packet in the mail or for more information!

Once you've gathered all the completed petitions, you can mail them to us at:

Rebekah Jones Campaign

PO BOX 1259

Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Other news:

Once news broke that we're "within striking distance" of Matt Gaetz (even beating him in the two most populated counties in the district, and quickly gaining ground everywhere else!), we knew we'd see an influx of folks interested in our campaign. We're organizing a massive amount of outreach over the next nine months, and need your support to get us there!

Please click here and donate today!

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