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Your weekly campaign updates; Sept. 18, 2021

Video: A week in a campaign (click here to go directly to YouTube)

What a week it has been.

While building out our team, juggling fundraisers with disaster response, and trying to talk sense into my county's school board (they're anti-mask), we've received a new shipment of buttons, t-shirts and yard signs, which are now for sale online here!

Residents of Florida's District 1 get deals on yard signs, which can be expensive to ship. If you'd like a yard sign and live in Escambia, Holmes, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, or Walton counties, email us at:

I met with several Republican representatives from my area, most of whom are decent, hard-working people that I disagree with on policy issues that don't threaten people's immediate health or safety.

One or two I encountered were bullies and misogynists' not deserving of the ounce of power they stole from their communities. I am a supporting candidates up and down the ballot who can help oust these men (yes, all of them so far are men) before they hurt any more people. It's important we stomp out all remnants of MAGA from every level of government, from the most local level to the highest offices in our state.

We plan on sending out a second update mid-week to catch up on all our recent and upcoming events.

Here a few to keep on your radar:

Sept. 21, 2021: Escambia County School Board meeting with public comment time set aside. Come show your support for science and sound public health measures!

Oct. 2, 2021: The Women's March in Washington, DC

Oct. 9, 2021: The Niceville Pride Parade

Oct. 11, 2021: Indigenous People's Day (celebrated nationwide)

Please keep in mind that our first quarter fundraising report is due in less than two weeks! You can help our campaign help our community by donating today!

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