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You need to see how far gone Gaetz really is.

In a barrage of desperate, unhinged tweets and emails this week, Gaetz continues show how much he's unraveling.

We think it's important for everyone to see who and what Gaetz is and have no dissolutions about this deranged man's inability to grasp reality.

He's desperate, dangerous and he needs to go.

Before we get into the details, we want you to know at least one thing:

Not one of his emails said anything about the people of Northwest Florida, lowering our taxes, funding infrastructure, helping veterans, or fighting for workers, teachers and hard-working Americans.

In fact, not a single email even mentioned the district he is seeking to represent.

These are actual excerpts from emails Matt Gaetz sent in the last week.

Last Friday, Gaetz sent an email asking the public for endorsements and money.

In Gaetz' "give me money or the country will fail and you will all die" conspiracy-laden email, Gaetz repeated a new fantasy he's invented and apparently running with, stating "We’re facing the Florida version of Dr. Fauci and an army of America-Last mega-donors…"

I have no mega-donors, have taken no lobbyist money, do not have a PAC (unlike Gaetz), and am 100% grassroots funded. But Gaetz, the perpetual victim of vast conspiracies to *gasp* hold him accountable for his crimes, has never been one for facts. Campaign finance records are public. I've raised more money than Gaetz did during his first run for Congress, and did it without taking lobbyist, mega-donor, SUPER PAC or corporate money, whereas most of Gaetz money came from those groups.

On Tuesday, Gaetz sent an email stating:

"When Matt Gaetz and Republicans take back control of Congress, the MAGA Agenda is going to be about INVESTIGATIONS FIRST."

Geatz, who is currently under active investigation for sex trafficking minors, wants to do nothing but investigate, investigate, investigate. Of course Gaetz is not an investigator and has no law enforcement background, but he's made it clear he has no interest in doing his job or helping the people of Northwest Florida, and the only way OAN or NewsMax will let Gaetz on is if he's talking trash about Biden's son.

On Thursday, Gaetz sent another email:

"My first vote in the 118th Congress will be for DONALD J. TRUMP AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!!"

Trump publicly mocked Gaetz' idea to make him Speaker of the House when Gaetz first made the proposal at a rally in Georgia. Offering to elect to the Speaker position Trump, who is neither running or Congress and has publicly state he does not want the job, is delusional and desperate.

"Will you help us overcome the lobbyists, PACs, and Big Tech donors who are spending a FORTUNE trying to prevent our MAGA Majority from becoming a reality?!"

I have no mega-donors, have taken no lobbyist money, do not have a PAC (unlike Gaetz), and am 100% grassroots funded. One of the industries backing Gaetz the most is Big Tech.

Gaetz is also still floating conspiracy theories about how he believes, despite the evidence, that federal agents (under the direction of Donald Trump) instigated the January 6 riots, which he thinks somehow means it was an inside job coordinated by a government that was not yet in power. He stated he plans to, "get down to the bottom of what REALLY happened during the January 6 Fed-surrection."

Perhaps the most tone-deaf passage of all came on Wednesday :

"Recent reports have even emerged that there’s enough evidence on [Matt Gaetz] to CHARGE HIM for his crimes!

But of course, no prosecution has come yet… That’s not the way the Swamp operates. [The] DOJ is too busy going after everyday Trump supporters and trying to rig elections by raiding Trump’s home right before the midterms!

So it’s up to US to make sure justice is served… We need to INVESTIGATE [Matt Gaetz]..."

We swapped out "Hunter Biden" with Matt Gaetz because nothing he said is true about Hunter Biden, who does not currently hold any office, but is certainly true of Matt Gaetz. Gaetz, the poster child for nepotism, obsessively talks about Hunter Biden he has no ideas.

He's telling his supporters that if they don't endorse him, give him money, and vote for him, that America will be destroyed. Gaetz needs to be in a padded room, not in Congress. He's perpetuating the same kind of violent rhetoric that has torn our communities apart and led to the January 6 riots in DC.

I'm not going to spend my time in Congress investigating Gaetz, Trump, or anyone else - that's the job of law enforcement.

I will spend every waking minute trying to pass as much legislation to help the people in my district as I can, bring home as much of their hard-earned tax dollars home as I can, and make their lives and our communities better.

THAT'S the job.

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