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Vote for Rebekah Jones in the Democratic Primary!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Mail ballots were sent out last month and early voting officially started in all of Florida Saturday!

Vote-by-mail and early voting made up 60% of ballots cast here in Florida’s 1st district in the last election.

For Democrats, that number was even higher – about 70%.

That means before August 23 comes around, most of the ballots in this primary will have already been cast.

Be sure to make a vote plan, whether that’s a deadline for returning your mail-in-ballot, finding and making arrangements to go to your nearest early voting center, or showing up on election day, make a plan NOW to ensure your voice is heard!

Residents of each county can look up their early voting and election day voting locations at the following sites:


Santa Rosa:



And remember to vote for Rebekah Jones!

Looking to help us fight in another way? Join our Facebook Group - Together Against Matt Gaetz! Click here to visit the page!

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