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Three weeks until the election. What are you doing to save America?

In three weeks, Americans will cast their votes in an election that could very well decide the future of our nation.

The Congress we elect now will oversee the results of the 2024 Presidential election, with a repeat of the unprecedented events of January 6, 2021 threatening the democratic institutions and principles that define the United States.

Matt Gaetz has ingratiated himself into the far-right mythology of stolen elections, hoaxes and globalist-fear mongering in a desperate attempt to cling to power - power that he's using to shield himself from prosecution for sex trafficking teenagers.

It doesn't have to be this way.

We can elect a leader who puts community before self, who has a proven record of fighting for truth, and understands the daily struggles of Florida's working families.

Rebekah Jones is the candidate for Northwest Florida. While Matt Gaetz was vacationing in the Bahamas with underage girls and convicted sex-offender Matt Gaetz, Rebekah was attending the funerals of veterans.

Rebekah Jones is the mother and fighter we deserve.

Rebekah is fighting for:

- A full-service VA hospital in Florida's 1st district, where we have the highest number of current and former service men and women in the nation. The project will bring in high-paying medical jobs and boost the economy with supporting infrastructure and training resources.

- TriCare and military health insurance that covers all medical treatments available to the general public - including medical marijuana.

- Social security, veteran's and wages that keep pace with inflation.

- Resuming the monthly child tax credit to families.

- Lowering taxes for working class Americans.

- Banning foreign investment companies from buying properties in our cities to price-out renters from affordable housing.

- Closing loopholes that allow companies to turn single-family homes and apartments into short-term rentals and AirBnB's without being taxed as businesses.

- Making home ownership more accessible to more people - if you can pay your rent each month on time, you can afford a monthly mortgage at the same or lower amount.

- A 0% federal income tax for all persons earning less than 200% of the poverty level in the zip code they lived in for the longest period of time each year.

- Universal Pre-K, would relieve working parents from a statewide average of $6,647 per year in childcare costs alone.

- Laws prohibiting members of Congress from taking money from corporations, their lobbyists, or their political committees while sponsoring or voting for legislation directly impacting that industry or company.

- Improve whistleblower protections for non-federal employees, particularly in areas that impact human health, safety or the environment.

- A national ban on child marriage with no exemptions or loopholes

- Reducing the ratio of nurses-to-patients in healthcare facilities and assisted living facilities to reduce nursing shortages and burnout and ensure patient and staff safety.

- Much more...

If you have your mail ballot at home, vote for Rebekah Jones for US Congress, District 1 and return your ballot this week to ensure it's counted.

Early in-person voting starts next week, Monday, Oct. 24.

The last day to vote is November 8, 2022.

When November 9 comes, will you wake up knowing you did everything you could to help elect a strong leader who Northwest Florida can count on?

Most importantly, vote.

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