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State of the Race: Where Voters Stand.

Polling in our district continues to show broad and strong support across the entire First Congressional District as we enter the final five months of the race.

As of March 2022, Rebekah was already leading Gaetz by 6 points. In May, Jones led the Democratic sham candidate 88-12, a blowout not all that surprising considering the sabotage candidate has never lived in the new District 1 boundaries and was recruited and supported by DeSantis' staff (one of which was revealed to be an unregistered foreign agent).

Polling currently underway by an independent third party as well as our campaign indicates Rebekah has widened her lead over Gaetz since news of the COVID-19 Data Audit proved everything Rebekah said about the state's reporting true.

Since qualifying ended earlier today, Rebekah is officially the presumptive Democratic nominee. Support has flooded in since Rebekah filed her qualifying paperwork Monday and we've beat every previous quarter in fundraising with less than two weeks to go before our June deadline.

But we're going to need a lot more to kick Gaetz to the curb. We need a war chest.

With all the endorsements from groups like Florida Young Democrats and Progressive Democrats of America, and political candidates and leaders in the district and across the state, our campaign continues to be a 100% grassroots-funded movement.

We have taken $0 in corporate money, $0 in industry money, $0 in dark money PACs - YOU are driving this race.

We thought we would provide a bit of detail (and light humor) from one of our recent polls in which 532 likely voters (2/3 of which were Republicans) were asked to describe the two candidates in this race - Rebekah Jones and Matt Gaetz. The poll asked respondents to describe each candidate in three words. The text was transcribed from phone surveys, so pardon any typos.

Here are the summary points:

Voters in Florida's First District believe Matt Gaetz is a crook, bad for active military and veterans, a liar, a phony, and self-serving. They lament his lack of action on military issues, noted he is not a family man and doesn't care about Florida families, and frequently brought up themes of elitism, privilege and out-of-touchness. A list of a few of the responses is below this post, but be aware it contains a lot of vulgar adjectives, though all in brash, genuine expression of the people in our community.

The most common words used to describe Gaetz (in order of frequency):

  1. Crook

  2. Stupid

  3. Smug

  4. Untrustworthy/liar/dishonest

  5. "Piece of sh!t"

  6. Arrogant

  7. Child

  8. Pedophile

  9. Shady

  10. Spoiled brat

We asked the same people to describe Rebekah Jones in three words or fewer and these were the Top 10 most frequent answers:

  1. Has integrity

  2. Intelligent

  3. Good Candidate/Can win

  4. Outspoken

  5. Not Matt Gaetz

  6. Brave/Courageous

  7. Honest

  8. Strong

  9. Defiant

  10. Moral/Just

What a difference in three words. That's what this campaign is all about - voting for a real person who represents the interests of working-class Americans and American families.

We have a few major announcements to make in the next several days -- developments that will further catapult Rebekah into the role of a national symbol of justice and honesty and cement her place in history as the soon-to-be first woman, scientist and whistleblower ever elected to Florida's First District.

For now, enjoy the list of descriptions Florida voters gave Matt Gaetz. And donate to Rebekah, if you can. We can't do this without you.

Question: Describe Matt Gaetz in three words. (transcribed from audio)

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