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Rebekah is officially on the ballot!

Rebekah made history Monday by being the first candidate for congress in Florida history to qualify for the ballot with voter petitions from every one of Florida's 67 counties!

Finishing with about 800 more petitions verified than needed, 70% of Jones' petitions submitted to meet the required 2,568 came from Florida's newly-redrawn First Congressional District.

Jones is the only Democratic candidate qualified for the ballot who has ever lived in the new boundaries of the First District; the only candidate who has children born in Northwest Florida; the only candidate who has worked in and for the state of Florida; the only candidate with experience in emergency response; the only candidate who has worked in public service; the only candidate with advanced degrees; the only candidate to have fought for the people of Florida!

Total petitions collected by county:

Thank you to everyone who helped us collect petitions! 1

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