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I will protect the VA from people like Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz wants to get rid of the VA. That's what he told veterans today during a press conference. Gaetz tried to justify his "No" vote for the Food Security for All Veterans Act by claiming he'd abolish the VA entirely, leaving millions of veterans without educational benefits, healthcare, home loans, disability benefits and a long list of earned entitlements. As a longtime supporter of the VA as well as multiple non-profit organizations that help veterans when the VA isn't enough, I will fight to protect the VA from people like Matt Gaetz. I know the VA needs fixed. I know we need laws to require transparency and accountability for VA funding of outside projects. I will fight to increase coverage, reduce wait time, and make all medications and treatments that are FDA approved available to active and former servicemen and women through TRICARE. I will bring a full-service VA hospital to Milton, Florida - a project I've already discussed with Milton mayor and ally Heather Lindsay. The district with the highest per-capita rate of current and former military should have nothing less. Abolishing the VA entirely would be disastrous for those who have fought for and served this country. Let Gaetz know you do NOT approve. Vote for me this November and I will ensure the VA improves and that resources sorely needed are delivered, not eliminated entirely.

Click here to protect the VA and donate now.

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