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Get ready to fight in 2022.

Major legislative announcement:

Rebekah has developed a plan to finally deliver a VA hospital to Northwest Florida to serve our current and former military personnel with emergency, long-term and in-patient care. Though promises were made in the past, political games kept us from getting a full-service VA hospital. The nearest hospital in Florida is all the way in Lake City - more than four hours away. The nearest out-of-state facility is in Mississippi. Northwest Florida needs its own VA hospital, and Rebekah will make it happen.

Recap from Christmas:

Rebekah delivered hundreds of presents to children in the district before Christmas, stopping by the Santa Rosa Kids House to drop off candy, gifts, books, gift cards and a check for $500.

She also brought gifts for every child in DCF care through the Deliverance Tabernacle Child Development Center, and mailed gifts randomly to 50 in-need families from a list of more than 2,000 provided by local community leaders. While Rebekah brought Christmas to those in need here at home, her opponent was at an out-of-state high-dollar fundraiser where he mocked COVID-19 again- a week before Florida set a new record for cases.

Mardi Gras:

Now that Christmas is over, Rebekah would say, "Mardi Gras season begins!" Rebekah will be joining nearly all of the Mardi Gras parades and as many Mardi Gras celebrations as one person can possibly attend over the next two months, so please join us when you can! Meet Rebekah, her family, our campaign team and volunteers, and let us know what you think should be a priority when Rebekah is elected!

On the horizon:

We have bigger things in mind for 2022 than just Mardi Gras, of course. This will be the year we fight back, we fight for good, and we fight as a community ready for real leadership.

The much-anticipated documentary about Rebekah's journey will be released in spring of this year, with Academy Award-nominated director Josh Fox at the helm. The film shows the real-life consequences of disinformation and authoritarian tactics like those Rebekah and her family experienced at the hands of the monster Ron Desantis, whose prospects of re-election continue to dwindle with every death on his hands.

Calls to action:

1. Ballot Petitions

Print, complete and mail us a ballot petition if you're a registered Florida voter and have not done so already. ANY registered voter in the state of Florida can complete a ballot petition for Rebekah - it doesn't matter what party or county you're registered with. Download the petition with mailing instructions here.

2. Donate to our New Year Fundraising Drive!

A donation of $20.22 to bring in the new year symbolizes your commitment to elect honest people with integrity and character in 2022! Click here to donate to our New Year drive!

3. Spread the word!

Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, share our website, and tell your digital community why Rebekah is the only choice for Florida's 1st district in 2022!

Check out our new gallery-in-progress on our website here.

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