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Florida Disability Caucus Condemns Matt Gaetz for His FB Post Mocking his Opponent's Autistic Son

For Immediate Release

September 14, 2022

Today, Karen M. Clay, President of the Democratic Disability Caucus of Florida, released the following statement regarding the FB Post of Congressman Matt Gaetz:

Matt Gaetz recently posted a picture of the 12 year old son of his opponent, Rebekah Jones.

Her son was sitting alone at a health expo event and Congressman Gaetz mocked him.

This is a child with Autism and it is absolutely unconscionable for Congressman Gaetz to attack his opponent in this fashion.

Rebekah Jones is a candidate that has been endorsed by the caucus and we agree with her TikTok comment, “No one attacks my kids AND, I’m not going to let ANYONE make fun of a child with Autism!”

The Democratic Disability Caucus DEMANDS an apology from Congressman Gaetz and the

IMMEDIATE removal of his Facebook Post and ANY OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS of Ms Jones' children.

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