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FBI manhunt for Gaetz supporter who left terrifying voicemail threatening to kill Rebekah Jones

A Matt Gaetz supporter from Shalimar, Florida is currently wanted by the FBI for threatening to kill Gaetz’ opponent, Rebekah Jones, and her family in a chilling voicemail left on her cell phone last week.

“I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill your whole family. You’re going to die motherfucker,” the caller said.

The man harassed the personal cell phone of Jones and her husband over a period of three days last week. He did not block or hide is number.

The threats came about the same time that Matt Gaetz became embroiled in yet another controversy concerning sexually inappropriate behavior, this time with comments he made at a conservative convention about women and reproductive freedom – themes evident in the wanted-man’s texts to Jones.

“Plus women don’t belong as Governors or anyone like that bc y’all have too many personalities and too emotional to handle big decisions in life!” one of the messages read.

The FBI began searching for the man in cooperation with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department Thursday, July 21, 2022. As of July 30, he is still at-large.

Jones announced the FBI search at a women’s rights rally in Tampa Saturday, where she was joined by Hillsborough County Commissioners Pat Kemp and Kimberly Overman, St. Petersburg City Council Chair Gina Driscoll, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay Alex Khalel and Soil and Water Conservation Board member Dr. Sonja Brookins.

“I’ve gotten a lot of threats,” Jones said at the rally. “That’s what happens when you take on a corrupt governor and then a corrupt congressman. But this one was serious. This one scared me.”

Jones has been the subject of a targeted harassment campaign online since May 2020, led principally by Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’ Nazi-connected press secretary, who notably was hired after a court in Maryland issued a restraining on Jones’ behalf and Pushaw was later criminally charged with violating it.

More recently, Pushaw and a Democratic spoiler candidate from another part of the state have been cooperating online in a smear campaign targeting Jones, rape-shaming, slut-shaming and making sexually-charged comments about Jones online. Jones' cell phone number was recently released by the sham candidate in a court filing by the sham candidate requesting an emergency injunction to kick Jones off the ballot - a motion that was denied by the court.

The extent of their cooperation was revealed by a former data architect and cyber security specialist from Google, the details of which were just recently leaked online and can be viewed in this 176-page ethics complaint filed against her.

The failing campaign of former New York City cooperate attorney Margaret “Peggy” Schiller has been exposed as a sham campaign working on behalf of Ron DeSantis, who has been obsessed with Rebekah Jones for more than two years, and Matt Gaetz.

Jones, who is heavily favored to win both her primary election in August and the general election against Matt Gaetz in November, maintains her status as a legally protected whistleblower after exposing COVID_19 data manipulation by Ron DeSantis’ administration in 2020.

Jones gained international notoriety, won national awards, and became known as Florida’s resident COVID-19 expert and one of the most trusted sources for science information in the country.

July 30 also marked National Whistleblower Day, an event Jones was honored at in both 2021 and 2022. Jones also won “Whistleblower of the Year” for 2020, a title given this year to whistleblower Reality Winner.

Jones decided to run against Matt Gaetz in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, in the area she grew up, after learning about the FBI sex trafficking investigating Matt Gaetz is currently the target of.

Jones turned her own grandfather into the FBI in 2019 for sex trafficking in the Philippines. He was later arrested and imprisoned, where he died earlier this year.

A call for Gaetz to make a public statement condemning the threats has gone unanswered, even though Jones issued such a statement in 2021 when Matt Gaetz was receiving threats.

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