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Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23! Vote for Rebekah Jones for US House District 1!

Rebekah Jones is now Endorsed by:

Teamsters Local 991

Progressive Turnout Project

Florida Young Democrats

College Democrats of Florida

Progressive Democrats of America

Progressives for Democracy in America

Freethought Equality

Vietnam Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Climate scientist Dr. Michael E. Mann

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo

and many more...

My name is Rebekah Jones and I’m a Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 1st Congressional District.

I’m reaching out to ask that you read this letter about who I am and what I'm fighting for, and vote for me in tomorrow's Democratic primary election.

My journey to becoming a congressional candidate looks nothing like most candidates out there. I grew up poor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the second of four kids to teenage parents who worked as a front desk clerk and a truck driver.

My large family often didn’t have enough to cover food and a roof over our heads, so sometimes we went without either. Throughout my childhood, my mom taught my sisters, brother, and I that education was our only escape.

All four of us became first-generation college students with full academic scholarships. My older sister and younger sister both went to the University of Southern Mississippi, my brother went to the University of Miami, and I went to Syracuse University (undergrad), Louisiana State University (Master of Science), and Florida State University (Ph.D, ABD). We each became a teacher, a nurse, a scientist, and a police officer, devoting our careers to public service.

While I don’t come from money, had no political connections before 2020, and dedicated my education and career to Earth science, I am on track to defeat Matt Gaetz here at home because my upbringing looks more like the everyday person than anyone else in this race.

I have been fighting for Floridians for years- first as a scientist with the state, and then as Florida's COVID-19 whistleblower.

During the last two years, I’ve done a lot of press, won some unexpected and truly humbling awards, appeared in everything from TIME to Cosmopolitan Magazine, and made my name by being an honest and trusted resource for apolitical information in times of crisis. And we are certainly in a crisis right now.

We need to start electing people who work hard and know the stakes, who are mothers, leaders, and decent human beings; women who stand for more than just themselves, and would sacrifice their safety, freedom, and even their life if necessary.

I’ve already proven that’s who I am and what I’m willing to do for a state and nation I still want to believe can be saved.

Despite the attacks, the threats, the harassment, I stepped forward to lead the state through the cloud of misery DeSantis inflicted on our people and our state during the pandemic. I continued that work for nearly two years - first by helping organizations and governments in East Africa build their own data and surveillance systems, then by creating the only national tracking database for COVID-19 cases in schools.

The success I found in filling the role our state and federal leaders failed to do became a constant reminder to DeSantis how weak and vulnerable he was.

After all, if a "girl with a laptop," as he called me, can do that much damage to his reputation, then he wasn't all that popular to begin with.

He became obsessed. He sent more than 4,000 emails specifically about me and my whistleblower case against the state in the year after I was fired just to his core staff and administration.

Seven months after I was fired, my home was raided at gunpoint by nearly a dozen officer who did not have a warrant. They held us hostage for three hours while they waited to get a warrant, not handing it to me until they were finally leaving.

They made my kids wait outside in the cold. They threatened to shoot us. They pushed around my then-11 year old son in the doorway with an AR-15 to his back.

I fought back.

I was not going to let an autocrat with his eyes on the White House silence any scientist -- especially not me.

I worked hard to earn my education and my place in the scientific community.

I grew up in one of the poorest counties in Mississippi - the second of four kids to teenage parents with no money.

I earned a full scholarship to Syracuse University. Then I earned my Master's degree at LSU. Then I moved to Florida to start my Ph.D.

No K-Mart Hitler wanna-be was going to kill the people in my state and scare me into never speaking out again with his failed strong-man intimidation tactics.

Challenging a state is never easy. It can be lonely, isolating, terrifying -- especially when you already know that they'll break into your home without a warrant and point semi-automatic weapons at your young children. But I kept fighting.

And I won.

The state granted me official whistleblower protection - almost one year exactly from when I filed my complaint. The complaint itself is still pending with the Florida Commissions on Human Relations (two years and counting) but getting protection was a massive victory - not only for me, but for oppressed scientific voices everywhere.

More recently, an internal audit of COVID-19 data found everything I said was true - to a degree even I had not appreciated before the report was issued.

I had spent two years watching politicians not only lie but also kill to try to climb the ladder. The worst among them - DeSantis - made it his personal mission to try to destroy my life but failed at every possible turn. I felt at times like I had an invisible layer of Kevlar around me because every shot DeSantis took missed or barely scraped the skin.

Now I'm back home in Florida, where I've been running a freak-of-nature campaign against Matt Gaetz that currently has us leading him in the polls by six points.

We're turning the tide for Democrats in an otherwise blood-red area, though our efforts haven't gone without resistance from within the party.

Though DeSantis' cronies couldn't find anyone who lives in the district to primary me, they did find someone from another district - an alleged-felon who has never lived in what is now District 1 - to run a sham campaign that does nothing but harass, stalk and spread the same debunked DeSantis propaganda from two years ago.

We're here to save our democracy from predators like Matt Gaetz and dangerous dictators like Ron DeSantis. This isn't the time to play, and when I fight, the gloves are always off.

Please vote in tomorrow's election for the only candidate who has ever fought, sweat, bled for Florida.

Vote for Rebekah Jones for Florida's 1st Congressional District.

Residents of each county can look up their election day voting locations at the following sites:


Santa Rosa:



And remember to vote for Rebekah Jones!

Looking to help us fight in another way? Join our Facebook Group - Together Against Matt Gaetz! Click here to visit the page!


  • Florida holds closed primary elections. In partisan primaries, you are only eligible to vote in contests for the party in which you are registered, unless it is a universal primary or nonpartisan contest. Your ballot will include all contests in which you are eligible to vote.

  • Remember to make only one selection per race on your ballot.

  • You may not return your completed vote-by-mail ballot to your precinct on Election Day – it must be returned to the Elections Office by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

  • If you requested a vote-by-mail ballot but chose not to return it, you can vote at your polling place on Election Day. Though not required, we request that you bring your unvoted ballot package so it can be cancelled.

  • Busiest times at the polls tend to be 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m., mid-day, and 4:00 p.m. until polls close.

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