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Early polling results are in - and they're really good.

Rebekah now has the highest polling figures of any Democratic challenger in Florida's first district in more than two decades, and the numbers show she's already leading in the district's two most populated counties.

The poll was conducted before the announcement was made that Rebekah was nominated for the prestigious John Maddox Prize, awarded by Nature - the most respected academic journal in the world.

"The John Maddox Prize recognizes the work of individuals who promote science and evidence, advancing the public discussion around difficult topics despite challenges or hostility."

Rebekah was initially nominated by a professor at a university in Florida, and has been invited to attend the international awards ceremony in London this December.

Back to the poll that pundits will be talking about for years...

The Listener Group conducted a survey of 532 likely Florida Congressional District 1 voters from October 8-20, 2021. Key points from the results are shown below.

"Jones running a close race against Gaetz."

In fact, this is the closest a Democrat has come to defeating a Republican (polling wise) in one of the most conservative districts in the nation in decades.

"With 24.4% being undecided, this is the highest undecided result we have ever polled with Gaetz since he has been elected to the U.S. Congress," the report noted.

Gaetz’ unfavorable ratings are in the low 30's, while Rebekah's are in the mid-teens.

The most important issues to voters (by those who stated "very important" or "somewhat important", excluding those who stated "not important"):

  1. Voting rights and protecting the right to vote: 92%

  2. Media accountability: 91%

  3. (a) Affordable housing; (b) Infrastructure/Roads: Tied at 84%

  4. (a) Social Services to help low-income families, retirees and veterans; (b) Women's Rights, including equal pay and abortion rights: Tied at 82%

  5. Teacher pay and early childhood education: 80%

Democrats (56%), Independents (73%) and Republicans (82%) think our country is going in the wrong direction.

Rebekah's commitment to telling the truth and standing up to Desantis' tyrannical attacks on her and her family make both Democrats and Independents MORE likely to vote for her overall. Most (53%) Republicans reported being undecided about it, and 21% said they, too, are MORE likely to vote for her because she stood up to Desantis.

Rebekah's efforts to build memorials and expand services for military veterans who suffered from Agent Orange and other rare cancers as a result of toxic exposure during their service, in addition to her support for constructing the first Women's Monument for veterans in Pensacola, was popular among all demographic groups, with only 20% saying they do not support her efforts to fight for veterans.

Likely voters in the district would pick Rebekah over Matt Gaetz by a margin of 8.4% in Escambia County (which Gaetz won in 2020 by 12 points) and 2% in Okaloosa County (which Gaetz won in 2020 by 37 points).

To the mainstream media's shock and dismay, 31% of Republicans surveyed said they would vote for Rebekah over Matt Gaetz, and 24% said they are still undecided, meaning...

Only 45% of Republicans said they would vote for Matt Gaetz over Rebekah in next year's election.

Rebekah's commitment to not play party politics, to focus on community and family, and to listen to and speak with voters of all backgrounds and ideologies works.

Help us get there by making a donation and spreading the word!


More data:

Affordable housing was most important to registered independents/NPA's.

COVID-19 economic recovery was most important to registered independents, men, "boomers" (age 45-64) and residents of Holmes County.

Environmental conservation, protection and action on climate change was most important to residents of Okaloosa and Holmes Counties, and among millennials, being 74-76% important for democrats, republicans and independents.

Homelessness was most important to voters in Okaloosa County (84%), and among Millenials.

100% of Millennial voters said voting rights and access was somewhat or very important to them, 98% of Gen-X, 91% of Boomers, and 92% of those 65 and older agreed.

Desantis' failed COVID-19 response was most strongly opposed in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties, and among Gen-X groups. Only about half of Republicans surveyed said they "strongly approve" of how Desantis handled COVID-19, with the state now 7th overall in the nation for per capita deaths since December 2019, and 4th overall in deaths per capita since June 1, 2020.

Respondents overwhelmingly (63%) reported believing that school districts, not Desantis, should decide whether to mandate facemasks in schools - another rebuke by a one-time republican "locked-in" district that Desantis, Gaetz and those on far-right have long abandoned.

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