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A heartbreaking loss

While the rest of America moved forward Tuesday, Florida took a giant leap back.

Words cannot express how shocked and disappointed we all have been to watch the election unfold in our beautiful state.

Though Florida may have let us down, those of you who have worked for, volunteered with, donated to, or supported our campaign made miracles happen on this campaign trail.

We outperformed every democrat on the ballot in Northwest Florida, and that’s entirely thanks to supporters like you.

We used our campaign as a catalyst for good – and the good we’ve done in our community does not stop because the election is over.

This fight was never just about one candidate, one issue, one election. This fight was about saving our state and this nation from the necrosis eating at its soul, consuming what is good and decent in this world and leaving nothing but rot for our children.

Our fight is far from over.

We’ll continue serving our community in Northwest Florida as we prepare to keep fighting.

This community has shown me what the power of good can do, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Please consider helping us balance our books and prepare for our next steps if you’re able. Click here to donate before we close our accounts for this cycle.

If you would like to help Rebekah and her family directly, please click here.

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