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A federal "Student Bill of Rights"

Rebekah received high-praise this week for her bold K-12 plan to institute a federal Student Bill of Rights through the Department of Education.

A federal “bill of rights” for students would recognize that students, teachers and school staff are entitled to safe learning and work environments without the hostage-taking we’ve seen by far-right groups falsely tout "parents' rights."

The most important aspects of the plan come from student and school staff input and center on student opportunity and school safety.

  1. Increased pay for all teachers – not just new teachers

  2. Better opportunities for experienced teachers to enter long-term contracts

  3. Academic freedom at all levels of education, and the removal of tyrannical political influence in all forms, including banning history, speech or requiring anyone to answer political surveys

  4. Strengthening teacher unions, especially in states which have been hostile to those in the past

  5. Keeping federal funding from being routed to private, religious and/or “charter” K-12 schools

  6. Adding educational facilities to the national infrastructure bill, including increasing internet access at under-served public schools

  7. Mandated bias education and awareness in all schools regarding race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual identity, and other forms for implicit discrimination

  8. Funding to schools to fully staff offices with mental health specialists for youth in crisis

  9. Funding and oversight for students with physical, mental and learning disabilities

  10. Doctor participation in school clinics to provide routine health screenings

  11. A “Modernize American Textbooks” act to supply low-income students with updated textbooks and library resources, including technology resources and upgrades for school libraries

  12. Universal pre-kindergarten programs in public schools across the country

  13. Aid programs that create classroom environments that are structured to assist the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  14. Provide training and assistance to teachers of special needs programs, and nationalize Massachusetts's “Autism Endorsement for Educator Licensure” program.

  15. Strengthen the ADA to shield students from exclusion from school programs due to undiagnosed disabilities

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